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0:30 FOOT MASSAGE – Cross Fiber Fricton – Peeling
1:07 FOOT MASSAGE – Finger Friction
1:50 FOOT MASSAGE – Round Friction
2:00 FOOT MASSAGE – Alternating Linear Friction
3:37 FOOT MASSAGE – Alternating Effleurage
3:48 FOOT MASSAGE – Palm Friction
4:15 FOOT MASSAGE – Thumb Friction
4:30 FOOT MASSAGE – Cross Fiber
4:40 FOOT MASSAGE – Contour Effleurage 4:57 FOOT MASSAGE – Petrissage or Kneading
5:40 FOOT MASSAGE – Tapping / Hitting / Beating / Pincement / Cuping / Hacking
6:31 FOOT MASSAGE – Vibrations
7:18 FOOT MASSAGE – Shaking 📍 We divide the configuration of the leg into three, four. It is important to pass each area carefully 2-3 times. Don't forget round, round. And now comes Cross Fiber Friction, pressing both downward and upward. It's called peeling, like peeling the skin on a fruit… 📍 Also a friction, here we cannot do a round friction but more an alternating linear friction. 📍 We'll move on to the next leg, hamstrings. Here again we have important muscles, the biceps femoris. We work an alternating effleurage, with alternating palms, with the crest of the fingers. And again we start or continue with Palm Friction. 📍 Next, with the thumbs… Thumb Friction. You can repeat this a few times and now coming up is Cross Fiber or peeling. 📍 We finished this part. We make a contour effleurage and next the Petrissage or Kneading. Very important this method, under the action of this method are developed those substances that we talked about at the beginning, histamines that produce vasodilatation and hyperemia, and hence a state of well-being that brings healing. 📍 Coming up next is the tapping. 📍 Tapping / Hitting / Beating / Pincement / Cuping / Hacking also on the plantar side. We will end with vibrations, they are important. And the last phase, the shaking. FOOT MASSAGE Techniques – Friction types, Tapping, Vibrations, Shaking – P2. #MassageTechniques
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FOOT MASSAGE Techniques – Friction types, Tapping, Vibrations, Shaking – P2.

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