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“Late last night Jesus came and He entered my cell.
Oh, how sad and how lofty seemed Christ!
The moon, which followed him into the cell,
made taller and sadder, the Sacrificed.

His hands looked like lilies on gloomy tombstones,
His eyes, dark like the sunless woodlands.
The moon on His garment shone silvery tones
and silvered old scars on his hands.

Amazed I jumped up from under my sheet
– From whence come you Lord, from what time?
He touched his lips with a finger, discrete
to be silent to me He did mime.

He sat down with me on the carpet dust:
– On my wounds put your hand, feel the scars!
His ankles bore traces of nails and of rust
as if dragging shackles and bars.

He sighed as He rested His weary, beat, bones
on my rug full of vermin, foul, black.
The moonlight was throwing long, sinister tones
like rods on the snow of his back.

The cell seemed a mountain, a forehead so grand,
tribes of lice and of rats ruled this field.
I felt how my heavy head fell on my hand
to a thousand years’ sleep I was wheeled.

When I later awoke, the queer darkness was gone,
hay was fragrant like roses, like light.
Moonlight entered my cell, and I was alone
for Jesus was nowhere in sight…

I stretched my arms wide, no one here, so hushed.
I queried the wall: no reply!
Only razor cold rays from dark corners, they rushed,
and their lance pierced my side in their fly.

– Where are you, Lord? I scream at the grate.
A smoke, as of incense, the moon now trails
My body I touch…and my hands, oh what fate!
for I find the deep scars of His nails.”

Radu Gyr “Jesus in the cell” – translation Daniel Ionita (from Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – bilingual edition English/Romanian by Daniel Ionita – Minerva 2012)

Vezi mai mult la sursa: Jesus in the Cell – Radu Gyr, translated by Daniel Ionita

Material preluat la Intercer de la Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012).

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Jesus in the Cell – Radu Gyr, translated by Daniel Ionita

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