Aceste poezii traduse in limba engleza fac parte din volumul „Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition” (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012). Dorim ca prin aceste articole sa promovam frumoasa poezia romaneasca pentru cititorii de limba engleza. Puteti sa dati „Share” acestor articole catre prietenii dvs. de limba engleza. Gasiti mai multe informatii la sfarsitul acestui articol. Va multumim! Daniel Ionita & Intercer


“Late I am , and for the crushing hour I brood,

Sampson without eyes, slowly propelling my destiny’s wheel.

The world’s old axle, into my bosom screwed,

Unborn child, abandoned on dry seas, in a fisherman’s creel.

Weeping alone, beside the post of this nefarious temple

Of all the world’s gods, vacuous, atheist, slight,

Under shattered arches I shall crush them all,

Worshipers and dagons, sorry sight.

As for my plight, the line is drawn and nothing’s at stake.

My new sideburns, you take!

I don’t deserve new eyes, as mine I have melted on  rubble

Only Your name I still have, as for mine I don’t trouble,

For Your rays I’ll await, under ruins, which shall be my hearse.

Avenge me, my Lord, with this kamikaze verse.”

(from Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse, bilingual edition English/Romanian, Daniel Ionita, Minerva -2012)

Florin Laiu

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Material preluat la Intercer de la Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012).

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Late I am – by Florin Laiu, translation Daniel Ionita

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