The launch of the bilingual volume "Return Ticket from Sydney to Bistrița" at the State Library of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia – united two remarkable groups of poets and cultural ambassadors for their cities: – from Sydney, the "Judith Beveridge Poetry Group" which was present "en masse": Judith Beveridge, Genevieve Osobrne, Andrew Suckgold, Phyllis Perlstone, Jo Northey, Paul Scully, James Gering, Mona Zahra Attamimi, Anne Keijdrick Nicholson, Charles Freyberg, Mark Maccrossan, Roberta Lowing, Daniel Ionita.
– the Bistrița poets were reprezented by Dr. Dorel Cosma, Zorin Diaconescu, Marilena Toxin, Cristina Mirela Rus, Gheorghe Mizgan, Veronica Știr, Victor Știr, Father Nicolae Feier, Rodica Fercana and others.
– there were also present a group of Romanian-origin poets living in Sydney – like poet-writer-publisher George Roca, Catalin Anastase, Maia Kodrin, Adriana Paul. Sadly, one poet represented in the volume, Anisoara Laura Mustetiu could not attend, for personal reasons, but she was still represented by Catalin Anastase who recited her poem. Sursa:

RETURN TICKET FROM SYDNEY TO BISTRIȚA – A Lyrical Carousel between the Antipodes

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