An anthology produced by Puncher & Wattmann, with the support of Avondale College of Tertiary Studies, putting side by side poems of well-recongnised Australian poets such as Jean Kent, Judith Beveridge, Martin Langford, David Musgrave, Stephen Edgar, Judy Johnson, Linda Ireland – together with poems of young emerging lyricists. Editors Carolyn Rickett, Jean Kent and David Musgrave.
Paul Race
Carolyn Rickett
Jean Kent
David Musgrave
Althea Halliday
Amber Vincent
June Farnandez
Linda Ireland
Daniel Ionita
Catalin Anastase
Ray Roenfeld
– a video by Catalin Anastase – Sursa:

„On first looking” – book launch of Puncher & Wattmann poetry anthology 2018

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