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📥 Download The Whole Transcript of This Course: 📍 Indications of massage: rheumatic diseases, orthopedic diseases, post-traumatic fractures, dislocations, also facilitates wound healing, neurological problems paralysis, muscle atrophy, vascular problems, varicose veins, chronic edema, in nutritional diseases is effective, obesity, diabetes, relieves stress. 📍 It has also been found that in asthmatic children it improves lung function, thus decreasing asthma attacks, decreases the level of stress hormones, especially cortisol. 📍 The posture is essential for the massage therapist. 📍 The back should be kept as straight as possible and working from the knees, we bend the knees when we need to get closer to the patient. A big secret in this art, a good operator applies body weight instead of muscle strength. 📍 The secret is not in the physical strength, in the muscles, but in the control of the body weight and in this manner a very very good massage is done. 📍 The massage table, is it important to be positioned properly. 📍 Environment is also important to be clean, neat looking. 📍 Impecable personal hygiene means that girls have tight hair, boys have short haircuts, patient coverage is important and one more essential thing in this art is to leave only the portion we massage exposed, the rest of the portions are kept warm, giving additional privacy to the patient. 📍 If we do a relaxation massage then the pace will be slower, with a pressure not too low but not too high. If we want a stimulating massage, to put that person on their feet, then the rhythm will obviously be faster and the pressure will be moderate. 📍 Important thing is the patient's feedback, we have to ask him how he feels, if the rhythm is good, if I press too hard or he wants me to press a little harder. This communication with the patient is important. 📍 The purpose of massage as I said in the beginning is for relaxation, correction or therapy. FULL BODY MASSAGE – Indications And Massage Recommendations #MassageTechniques
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FULL BODY MASSAGE – Indications And Massage Recommendations

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