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Full Body Massage or General Massage
4:08 Effleurage / Contour effleurage / Alternating effleurage
5:43 Palm effleurage
6:03 Palm friction / Fist friction
6:36 Thumb Friction
7:19 Stationary thumb friction
8:21 Cross fiber friction
10:25 Cresting Friction 📍 We will focus on the back of the body and on the front we will work only the arms. 📍 The beginning of the art of massage is called effleurage. 📍 We start the plantar area and go all over the leg with an effleurage, it's called contour effleurage. 📍 Here we will perform an effleurage, palm effleurage. 📍 Then comes the friction. This is already part of our Palm Friction story or art. 📍 Next is Thumb Friction or friction with the thumbs, we divide the sole into three. 📍 This is the movement is called thumb friction, we also have a friction on the heel, it is called stationary thumb friction. 📍 We have another method called cross fiber friction. 📍 We did Palm Friction, Cresting Friction is next.We bend our fingers, we bend them. The friction is still round, don't forget, the front part of the place where I work was done with my right hand. The outside with the left hand and the thumb is there for support… ok? … It helps me with support. Cresting Friction is followed by Thumb Friction. FULL BODY MASSAGE – Effleurage and Friction – P2. #MassageTechniques
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FULL BODY MASSAGE – Effleurage and Friction – P2.

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