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1. FULL BODY MASSAGE – Indications And Massage Recommendations

2. FOOT MASSAGE Techniques – Effleurage and Friction – P1.

3. FOOT MASSAGE Techniques – Friction types, Tapping, Vibrations, Shaking – P2.

4. BACK MASSAGE Techniques – Lumbar Square Muscles, Sacral Bone P1. 📍 Now will take care of the back. We prepare the patient for this. Apply the oil. Do not forget to apply on our hand and somewhere above the sheet. 📍 Apply as much oil as needed. Do not apply too much so that the hands do not slip too much. We don't apply too little because we can't work… 📍 Then a tree-like effleurage. I used to say that massage is an art. So we draw the branches, two, three, four and return with a light effleurage again with one and two and three and four. 📍 And we will perform a thumb friction massage in the area of ​​the sacral bone. 📍 Then follows a cross fiber, a passage over the muscles with a few fingers; So a friction with the thumbs and a cross fiber. 📍 Next, the content. Palm friction, friction with the fist, here we have generous muscles. Don't forget, we are working from the body, pressure. And now following with the fingers, thumb friction, thumb rubbing in a ray; All over the buttocks, Glueteus minimus, medius and maximus. And there follows cross fiber, crossing the muscles. 📍 We move on to the lumbar area. We draw a rhombus. I said it's an art. Now we take the pen and draw a rhombus. Or we draw an “8”. Figure “8”. Here the lumbar square is inserted. 📍 Now follows the thumb friction or rather Cross Fiber Friction with the thumbs, on the lumbar square muscles. #backmassager #lumbarmusclesmassage
#sacralbonemassage BACK MASSAGE Techniques – Lumbar Square Muscles, Sacral Bone P1. Sursa:

BACK MASSAGE Techniques – Lumbar Square Muscles, Sacral Bone P1.

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