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Vasile Voiculescu 1884 – 1963

“For fifty years, of stones made, and of clay

In every step, a start without delay.

And for the heat in which I’m anguished, pained

The holy unction from my forehead’s drained.

Rise up you shady cedar, and sit down

On afternoons of sweltering renown

With whisper pure, you throw over the deep

Your crown of night, and miracles to keep

Not for a rest. The opposite. For me,

I wish an angel as my enemy,

For you are weaker, worthless, never brave

The more you’re adversary is a knave.

I’d rather in your adumbration bustle,

To suck the force from him with whom I tussle.

My arm, rebellious, coils round him,

To feel the heaven’s weight, filled to the brim.

For me, as if on purpose you allow,

To fight this planet’s refuse until now.

Though there’s this sign that I forever try

To be disciple of the fights on high:

I’ve fifty stone-slabs, glowing without falter.

Completing for your glory holy altar.”

(from Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse, bilingual edition English/Romanian, by Daniel Ionita, Minerva – 2012)

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Material preluat la Intercer de la Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012).

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Fifty Years – by Vasile Voiculescu, translation Daniel Ionita

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