Aceste poezii traduse in limba engleza fac parte din volumul „Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition” (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012). Dorim ca prin aceste articole sa promovam frumoasa poezia romaneasca pentru cititorii de limba engleza. Puteti sa dati „Share” acestor articole catre prietenii dvs. de limba engleza. Gasiti mai multe informatii la sfarsitul acestui articol. Va multumim! Daniel Ionita & Intercer


“Into the wound’s temptation fell the child,

An infant pure, on grassland running wild.

Beneath his eyelash are the heavens resting

The stars at dusk his thinking has beguiled.

His tender foot sole has in it embedded

Nine flowers, seven fairytales, three dreams,

Longing for twilight, longing too for sunrise,

A hawk, three shepherds, and a star which beams.

From his dark shadow, does the light arise –

A fairytale, a playful angel glide

The morning dew caresses him so sweet

His palms, now scooping, and now open wide.

Deep gazing, sees  this world’s justification

– from whence she comes, and where she’s set her goals –

And  then the straw, the thorns from all the grasslands,

Are on the cross, the first nails in his soles.”

(from Testament – Anthology of Romanian Poems, bilingual edition English/Romanian, by Daniel Ionita, Minerva – 2012)

Mihaela Malea Stroe

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Material preluat la Intercer de la Testament – Anthology of Romanian Verse – Bilingual Edition (Daniel Ionita, Minerva 2012).

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Landscape in a heartbeat – by Mihaela Malea Stroe, translated by Daniel Ionita

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